The Advertising Fundamentals Exam Update 2015: What You Need To Know

By Helen Brown

A few weeks ago, banners appeared within the Google certification center material advising users that ‘an update’ was in process with the Fundamentals exam study guide and exam. The changes promptly went live and the new exam was rolled out. Lets take a look at these changes, and what they mean for candidates of the Advertising Fundamental exam moving forward.


The Exam Study Guide: A Complete Overhaul

Those of us who are AdWords exam veterans will be used to seeing 10 study categories within the previous version of the Fundamental exam study guide. Whilst each of these categories was heavily loaded with useful information about AdWords, quite a lot of the information wasn’t particularly relevant to the exam itself. This made preparing for the exam a laborious task, leaving exam candidates feeling overwhelmed by the pages and pages of text and links.

Since the update however, the 10 study categories have now been replaced by 3 modules which are much more succinctly written in accordance with the AdWords interface and exam:

  • Module 1: Understanding the value of online advertising
  • Module 2: Setting up an AdWords campaign
  • Module 3: Measuring and optimizing performance

There are fifteen lessons in total, contained within the three modules. These lessons provide scenarios about the ‘Acme advertising agency’. Each of the scenarios feature examples and tips which are useful to read, also there are further reading links provided at the bottom of each of the pages which are essential reading too. There are also short learning videos on the pages which should be watched to make sure that you get the most from the learning material, too.

TIP:Read the scenarios within the modules, there are some questions loosely based on them in the exam.

The Fundamentals Exam: What’s Changed?

Along with the major changes to the Fundamentals exam study guide outlined above, exam candidates can also expect to see a fresh new set of exam questions, which now focus on best practices rather than navigation. The new changes contribute a substantial improvement to the exam, it’s far more relevant to be tested on your understanding of a concept rather than if you know off the top of your head the exact steps needed to locate where a specific tool or function is.

The exam still features multiple choice questions which require you to pick the single best answer before moving on to the next question. As with the previous exam, there’s no going back to a previous question once you have clicked next, so be sure about your answer before moving forward. True/False style questions have been retired from the new exam too, so theres no opportunity for a 50/50 guess on getting a question correct anymore!

Exam specifics

As with the previous version of the Fundamentals exam, the duration is still 2 hours, which is more than ample to answer the new higher question total of 100 questions. The pass score has dropped from 85% to 80% with the update, but this doesn’t mean you can afford to be blase about preparing for the exam; you need to ‘know your stuff’, the exam isn’t a walk in the park!

Failing the exam does still result in a 7 day wait before you can retake exam.

Also, Google exam veterans will be aware that the exam previously carried a validity period of two years, however this has now been changed and you will need to re take the Fundamentals exam plus one of the advanced exams every year if you want to remain individually certified.

What is your opinion on the recent changes to the Google Advertising Fundamentals exam? Please feel free to leave a comment, team iPassExam would love to know your thoughts.

We have been very busy at iPassExam HQ ensuring that our Fundamentals resource is fully curriculum matched with all of the latest Advertising Fundamentals changes. If you are looking for Fundamentals preparation questions, you will not find a more comprehensive and up to date practice resource anywhere else on the internet!

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