Seasonal Study Tips!

3 Seasonal Study TipsAre you studying for an exam over the holiday period? It really doesn’t need to be painful, here are three tips to help keep you on track through the holiday season:

1.  “Food Coma” of “Hangover Head”

Lets face it, we all over indulge at some point over the festive period and we can all forgive ourselves for that but, its not a good combination when trying to study for an exam. Remembering that one or two hours of quality study when you feel rested and fresh is much better than numerous hours of half reading, yawning and repeat reading that page full of text and getting frustrated. Don’t schedule to study on a full belly and a foggy head, whether it’s caused by too much food or alcohol!

2.  Family visits/ children home from school for the holidays

We all love a house full of family and friends over the holidays, but that can bring extra noise and distraction when studying for an exam. Make sure that you give yourself a fair chance to concentrate by planning time aside in a quiet and well lit space. It doesn’t have to be your own home, it could be a local library or a coffee shop for example.

3.  It’s about learning, not torture!

So you have a study plan in place, but you got invited to spend a few hours at a party with your friends and you ended up coming home much later in the evening than you planned. Upon waking up the next morning, you decide to chain yourself to your laptop for eight hours straight as punishment for the missed time yesterday …

there’s really no use in punishing yourself, what’s done is done, and it is supposed to be the holidays after all. It is however important to be realistic and remember moving forward that you have a study plan, and that you implemented it in order to get prepared.