“Google Partner Program” Friend or Foe?

Changes AheadIn the wake of the new ‘Partners’ announcement from Google, there’s a great deal of conversation across the web on the changes to the program and what they mean.

The “Google Partner Program” replaces the “Google Certified Partner Program” and users are advised to register on the new Google Partners platform before 30th September.  So the question is: how will “Google Certified Partner Program” badge holders be affected by the changes?

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Are Google abandoning qualified individuals?

little-winsIn light of the ‘Partners’ announcement from Google at the weekend, there seems to be a torrent of confusion.  Are Google turning to favour and reward large agencies who can meet their new minimum spending requirements?

I am not a Company

After reading the information pages published by Google, it’s clear that the new program has been redesigned with a shift in emphasis from individuals to companies.  Before the change, Google Certified Partner (GCP) companies (including Engage accounts) required a certified individual; but certified individuals didn’t require an association with a company.  Individuals registering on the new Google Partners are now required to associate with a “company”.  This should not be problematic as ultimately it’s easy enough to create a company on the partner’s platform using your own name.   The overall effect of the new changes results in a blurring of the lines between individual and company designations.

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