Our New Resource – Mobile Advertising Exam Study

Google quietly launched their new addition to the AdWords certification program just over a month ago within the Partners platform, the Mobile Advertising Exam. As stated by Google within the Partners platform, the new exam “covers basic and advanced concepts of Mobile advertising, including ad formats, bidding and targeting and managing and campaign measurement and optimisation”.

Exam Specifics

It is a requirement that any person wishing to take the new Google Mobile Advertising exam has already passed the Advertising Fundamentals exam first.
There are 70 multiple choice questions in the new Google Mobile Advertising Exam, and you will be given 90 minutes to complete the exam, which is more than enough time if you have thoroughly prepared. You will need to score 80% to pass the exam. As with all of the exams in the Partners platform, your final score will be presented to you upon answering the last question in the exam and will be given in both a percentage figure and a “you answered **/70 correctly” message too. If you pass the exam, it remains valid for 1 year. If you fail, you will need to wait seven days before you can retake the exam.

Preparing For The Exam

Google have launched a Mobile Advertising exam study guide, which is crammed full of essential information that is featured in the exam. The exam is all about details and asks a lot of very in depth questions, so it’s essential to have thoroughly read the certification material as well as having some hands on experience with an AdWords account too.

We’ve been receiving a lot of requests at iPassExam HQ for a new Mobile Advertising Study Resource

Today, we’re delighted to be launching our new Mobile Advertising resource, which we hope you will find very useful as a study aid when preparing for the new Mobile exam.

Our new Mobile advertising resource contains 127 questions, with answers, explanations with certification center links to help you to benchmark your learning before jumping in with the real exam.
It is written based on the study material provided by Google in the Google certification center.
As per the certification material, our new resource is set out in four main modules:

Module 1: Mobile Overview
Module 2: Bidding and Targeting
Module 3: Mobile ads
Module 4: Measurement

We are delighted to offer readers of our blog a three month subscription to our Mobile advertising exam study resource for the price of one month until 28th August 2015. Just use the code “GoMobile” before going through the checkout to receive your discount.

However, if you buy the Google AdWords Certified Partner Study Bundle, then you’ll receive a very generous 69% discount.

Free AdWords Exam Tool Kit!

It’s been busy busy here at iPassExam HQ and this month we are delighted to have partnered with Hanapin marketing to bring you a new free AdWords exam tool kit. This new tool kit has been designed and written to bring you the most recent information and tips you will need to know when preparing to take the Google AdWords exams.


The tool kit is packed with the following information:

  • The A-Z of Passing the Google AdWords Exams
    A comprehensive guide on everything you could possibly want to know on the partners program and the exams
  • 10 difficult questions you will need to know to pass the Fundamentals exam
    Questions (and helpful answers) you definitely need to know for the exam
  • Introduction to Adwords Course
    A free course introducing you to AdWords
  • Whitepaper on the Google Shopping Exam
    Covers all the subject matter necessary to help you study and pass this newly released exam
  • Whitepaper on the Google Analytics Exam
    Focuses on areas and details most needed to help you prepare for this exam
  • Adwords Partner Program Infographic
    A handy infographic explaining the path to successful partners

Give yourself the edge on the AdWords exams.

Getting the new free tool kit is easy! Simply visit Hanapin marketing today and enter your email address to gain access to a wealth of AdWords exam information.

Good luck!

The AdWords and Bing exams: What’s the difference?

Two of the big contenders in the PPC world are Google AdWords and Bing Ads. In terms of certification, both have programs in place, but what exactly is the difference?

Is Bing certification easier to achieve than AdWords certification?
Does the AdWords certification hold more kudos than the Bing certification?

If you are considering PPC certification as part of your next career move and you would like to discover the difference between these exams before choosing whether to go down the AdWords or Bing route first, then read on …

All About The Bing Exam

The Bing exam is a single exam that attempts to cover all aspects of account management within the Bing ads interface. There are no costs involved in taking the exam itself, however if you are taking the certification process seriously and want to study to pass the exam through your own merit rather than ‘winging it’ or cheating, it’s advisable to create a Bing ads account and run an advertising campaign (which would cost money in the form of a daily or monthly budget) to achieve a clearer understanding of the topics and concepts provided in the learning center.
When studying for the exam, all of the theory that you need to learn is held in the Bing ads training pages. When taking the exam, you will automatically be directed to a third party site. Upon clicking the start exam button, you can expect to be presented with 100 questions in a mixture of question formats, from multiple choice questions (MCQ) with 4 options (or more in some cases), as well as True/False style questions too. To pass the exam, you will need to achieve a score of at least 80%.

Now for the ‘Unconventional’ parts of the Bing ‘exam’

Considering that Bing do refer to the final component of their certification program as an ‘exam’, I will admit that I find the following details a little puzzling! In all my years of exam taking, I’ve never encountered ‘exam’ conditions quite like this …

  • When taking the Bing Ads exam, here is no time limit to complete it, so you can start it, stop the exam by exiting and signing out, come back to it when you are ready (say next week, or next month even!).
  • You can mark answers for review, navigate back to a previous question and forwards without answering a question too.
  • Here’s another ‘unconventional’ fact of the ‘exam’. Not sure of the answer to a question? Each question you are presented with lists a page title of the study guide where the correct answer can be found.
  • Upon passing/failing the exam you have the option to review the questions you answered incorrectly and see what the correct answer should have been.
  • Once you pass the exam you are considered an accredited professional, but if you fail you can resit immediately!

(It’s my personal feeling that the last two points listed above leave the Bing exam open to a level of deception, in that a candidate could sit the exam, take note of the answers that were incorrect and then resit to get a much higher score than originally achieved. Where is the merit in that?)

Upon passing, you can click to download a certificate to hang on your wall, which will remain valid for one year from the date of passing. You can download an‘Accredited Professionals’ badge too. You can also visit your Bing Ads accredited dashboard where you can see your passing score and certification validity period, as well as being provided with the option to enter a public directory of qualified individuals.

Taking It Seriously …

When it comes to taking an exam, should the exam provider (Bing in this case) make the exam conditions more rigorous for an exam candidate to actually pass with some merit? Not that I’m implying that everyone who holds this certification has cheated to get it, far from the truth. I know that the vast majority of PPCer’s who take their jobs seriously would have studied and have had hands on experience prior to taking the exam and have honestly earned the pass. I do feel however that Bing have made their exam particularly easy for anyone who was inclined to abuse the system and cheat. But what’s the point in taking a certification to demonstrate knowledge and some level of proficiency if you haven’t really earned it?

Now, if you think that the Bing certification process sounds just too easy, don’t be fooled into thinking that Google have taken the same attitude with their certification program …

All About The AdWords Exams

The AdWords certification consists of a group of 5 exams: Fundamentals, Search Advanced, Display Advanced, Video and Shopping. Unlike the Bing certification, you must pass two of the five (one of which must be Fundamentals) to call yourself a ‘qualified individual’.
There is no cost to taking the exams and all exams have an 80% pass requirement.
You can study to pass the exams using the learning material provided at the Google certification center. The Advertising Fundamentals, Search Advanced and Display Advanced exams all contain questions that are MCQ format, whereas the Video advertising and Shopping exams contain a mix of MCQ and True/False questions. When you are ready to take the exam, you will need to sign into your Google Partners account as the exams are hosted there.

Now for the main AdWords Exam Details …

If the thought of 5 different exams wasn’t enough to contend with, here’s where the AdWords exams get much more challenging compared to the Bing Certification:

  • There is a time limit when taking the exams, and it varies per exam: there’s a 2 hour time limit to complete Fundamentals, Search and Display, whereas 1 hour 30 mins is the allotted time limit for Video and Shopping (don’t panic! the video and shopping exams contains a significantly lower number of questions). A timer in the bottom left of the screen will allow you to see how much time you have left when answering questions.
  • You cannot mark answers for review, navigate backwards to a previous question or move forward without answering the current question first.
  • You cannot stop exam once it has started, if you exit the browser window in which you are taking the exam, the timer keeps counting down until the allotted time has expired. You can re enter the exam within the (still counting down) time limit should you want to though. If you don’t complete the exam within the allotted time frame, it will be marked automatically according to the answers you did submit, you will be presented with a score and a ‘passed’ or ‘failed’ status will appear for the specific exam in the ‘exams’ section of your Google Partners profile.
  • Unlike the Bing exam, there’s no hint of where you could find a learning center page where you could find the correct answer to a question, so if you choose that method of researching answers, you will find that you will not have enough time to complete the exam within the allotted time frame.
  • Upon passing/failing the exam you will not be shown the questions you answered incorrectly.
  • After passing two of the exams, you will become individually qualified, however if you fail you must wait seven days from the date of your attempt to resit any failed exam.Each exam will stay valid for 1 year from the date in which it was taken.

Upon passing two exams and becoming individually qualified, you will be able to access and print a certificate to hang on your wall. You can also set your Partners profile to ‘public’ if you wish, so you can show others your certification status and its validity period.


I think it’s fair to conclude after looking at the Bing and AdWords certification programs, that Bing really have quite a lax attitude towards the certification exam process in comparison to Google.

In terms of which certification program to start with when entering PPC exam land, I honestly think the best approach is to start with Google AdWords. The AdWords certification program at least sets boundaries in which you must learn before you can attempt the exams. Once you have successfully prepared for, taken on and passed the AdWords exams, you should have a reasonable understanding of what PPC is about, how an account works etc. Hands on experience is essential in the learning process and really helps to hammer in the finer points of what you need to know. Once you have conquered that challenge, moving forward to the Bing certification could be your next move.

From which ever path you wish to move forward in your PPC certification journey, good luck!

Download Our Free White Paper “A Guide To The Updated Advertising Fundamentals Exam”.

Are you preparing for the Google AdWords Advertising Fundamentals Exam?

Then this is for you!

We’ve compiled a white paper providing you with all of the latest information about the Updated Advertising Fundamentals exam, including details about the latest official AdWords study guide format, the exam question style and specifics, and also the hot topics you can expect to be tested on.

It contains everything you need to know in order to prepare for the exam, all in one place.

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The Advertising Fundamentals Exam Update 2015: What You Need To Know

By Helen Brown

A few weeks ago, banners appeared within the Google certification center material advising users that ‘an update’ was in process with the Fundamentals exam study guide and exam. The changes promptly went live and the new exam was rolled out. Lets take a look at these changes, and what they mean for candidates of the Advertising Fundamental exam moving forward.


The Exam Study Guide: A Complete Overhaul

Those of us who are AdWords exam veterans will be used to seeing 10 study categories within the previous version of the Fundamental exam study guide. Whilst each of these categories was heavily loaded with useful information about AdWords, quite a lot of the information wasn’t particularly relevant to the exam itself. This made preparing for the exam a laborious task, leaving exam candidates feeling overwhelmed by the pages and pages of text and links.

Since the update however, the 10 study categories have now been replaced by 3 modules which are much more succinctly written in accordance with the AdWords interface and exam:

  • Module 1: Understanding the value of online advertising
  • Module 2: Setting up an AdWords campaign
  • Module 3: Measuring and optimizing performance

There are fifteen lessons in total, contained within the three modules. These lessons provide scenarios about the ‘Acme advertising agency’. Each of the scenarios feature examples and tips which are useful to read, also there are further reading links provided at the bottom of each of the pages which are essential reading too. There are also short learning videos on the pages which should be watched to make sure that you get the most from the learning material, too.

TIP:Read the scenarios within the modules, there are some questions loosely based on them in the exam.

The Fundamentals Exam: What’s Changed?

Along with the major changes to the Fundamentals exam study guide outlined above, exam candidates can also expect to see a fresh new set of exam questions, which now focus on best practices rather than navigation. The new changes contribute a substantial improvement to the exam, it’s far more relevant to be tested on your understanding of a concept rather than if you know off the top of your head the exact steps needed to locate where a specific tool or function is.

The exam still features multiple choice questions which require you to pick the single best answer before moving on to the next question. As with the previous exam, there’s no going back to a previous question once you have clicked next, so be sure about your answer before moving forward. True/False style questions have been retired from the new exam too, so theres no opportunity for a 50/50 guess on getting a question correct anymore!

Exam specifics

As with the previous version of the Fundamentals exam, the duration is still 2 hours, which is more than ample to answer the new higher question total of 100 questions. The pass score has dropped from 85% to 80% with the update, but this doesn’t mean you can afford to be blase about preparing for the exam; you need to ‘know your stuff’, the exam isn’t a walk in the park!

Failing the exam does still result in a 7 day wait before you can retake exam.

Also, Google exam veterans will be aware that the exam previously carried a validity period of two years, however this has now been changed and you will need to re take the Fundamentals exam plus one of the advanced exams every year if you want to remain individually certified.

What is your opinion on the recent changes to the Google Advertising Fundamentals exam? Please feel free to leave a comment, team iPassExam would love to know your thoughts.

We have been very busy at iPassExam HQ ensuring that our Fundamentals resource is fully curriculum matched with all of the latest Advertising Fundamentals changes. If you are looking for Fundamentals preparation questions, you will not find a more comprehensive and up to date practice resource anywhere else on the internet!

4 Things You Need To Know About The New Google Shopping Exam

The Google Shopping certification was launched within the Google Partners platform just over a month ago, but it is only available within the USA at present. However, there is a massive interest in this new exam amongst PPCers across the internet, with many advertisers outside the USA requesting that this new exam be made available to advertisers across other countries to take ASAP.

Whilst the exam continues to be unavailable across other countries at the moment, there are many willing candidates who want to be prepared for the day when it becomes available within the Partners Portal. With that in mind, I wanted to share some information, learning topics and tips that should be given attention when studying to pass this new certification.

1.  The Specifics
The Shopping exam features best answer questions which must be completed within 90 minutes. It has a pass mark of 80%. Once passed, the certification remains valid for 1 year. A candidate cannot attempt the Google Shopping exam until they have first passed the Advertising Fundamentals exam.

2.  Question Style
Whilst you may be familiar with seeing some True/False style questions within the other AdWords exams, there are not any of this question type featured in the Google Shopping exam. All of the 63 questions are multiple choice single best answer questions. Make sure that you read each question and it’s answer options thoroughly before choosing your answer, as once you have clicked the ‘next’ button, you cannot go back and change your previous answers.

3.  Question Content
When studying to take the Google Shopping exam, it’s important to understand the role of both Google Merchant Center and AdWords. For this reason, I have created a list of areas that you should pay specific attention to for best results under the two separate headings.

Merchant Center

There are restrictions pertaining to what can be sold on Google Shopping. You should be aware of the types of products cannot be advertised. You will also need to be familiar with Merchant Center settings including the requirement of adding a store name, and a technical contact email address that will be used to contact you should any issues arise with your data feed, such as policy violations.

The exam specifically asks about Url claiming and verification within Merchant center, so you will need to understand how and why this should be done. You should also be aware of the purpose of a Multi-client account too, and the process of linking your Merchant Center account with your AdWords account.

Make sure that you know about the specific file formats requirements that should be met when creating a data feed, and it is vital that you have a good understanding of product attributes as the exam is crammed with questions related to this. You should know all about the attributes that are required within a data feed for all items, as well as the attributes that are recommended for use too. There are a few questions about custom label attributes, so you will need to understand their role and how they can be used.

Unique product identifiers feature quite prominently in the exam, so you will need to understand appropriate use cases for this type of product attribute depending on the certain types of products that are being added to a data feed. You should also be able to demonstrate your appropriate understanding and use of the ‘Identifier exists’ attribute with a value of ‘False’ too, for products such as custom goods, antiques, vintage books etc.

The exam features plenty of policy related questions so it’s important to be aware of all of the policy details, you will be tested on your understanding of scenarios that can cause feed disapproval, as well as what can cause Merchant Center suspensions.

Other topics include shipping settings, whether added at the global level within Google Merchant Center account, product level using shipping attributes in data feed, or both. You will need to understand which shipping settings can take priority for products too.
You should understand the specific requirements for, and the importance of maintaining an active data feed, and understand the difference between submitting a data feed using the ‘standard’ or ‘test’ mode.

Finally, you will be tested on appropriate action that should be taken should you wish to sell adult products, and best practices and rules pertaining to creating and submitting suitable product images.


Whilst I’m sure that you are already very familiar with AdWords, you will need to have knowledge of creating a Google Shopping campaign to be successful in the new exam. You will need to understand the specific actions can be completed within the AdWords interface, including advanced campaign settings such as campaign priority and appropriate use of inventory filters.

Shopping campaigns do not use the same components or follow the same structure as ‘standard’ or ‘all features’ campaigns on the Google Search Network, so you will need to have knowledge of the role of ad groups, product groups, and product group sub division. There are a few questions that ask about the purpose of the ‘everything else in all products’ product group too. There are a couple of questions testing understanding of promotional messaging for PLAs, including where it should be added and also editorial format policy. You will be expected to answer questions related to available bidding options, depending on whether conversion tracking is being used or not.

You will need to know about the Product Listing ad format and the device types on which the ad format can be seen. There are a few questions about reporting functions available within the dimensions tab and product groups tab, as well as benchmark and impression share data.

Finally, you will need to have an understanding of how bid simulator can be used to identify if a change in bids can optimize product group performance.

4.  Shopping Exam: Our Top Tips

    • Thoroughly read all of the learning material provided, including any information contained in additional reading links.
    • Apply everything you learn to a Merchant center account, it’s essential that you sign up for one and get familiar with its features and functions.
    • Apply everything you learn to a Google Shopping campaign, explore the different settings, advanced settings and other tabs of your campaign.
    • Watch the Google Shopping advanced certification refresher hangout from Google.
    • Don’t take the exam until you are ready.

Good luck!

Our New Resource – Shopping Advanced Certification Study

Back in December, Google created and launched a google-shopping-certification-v1new Google Shopping advanced certification exam within the Google Partners platform, which is currently available to exam candidates located in the USA. As stated by Google within the Partners platform, the new exam “covers basic and advanced Google Shopping concepts, including setting up a Google Merchant Center account, creating a product data feed and managing and optimizing a shopping campaign in AdWords”.

I know that there are many advertisers who are eager to study and pass this new exam, and the word from the Googlers on the official AdWords community is that the new certification will be rolled out in other countries besides the USA soon.

Exam Specifics
It is a requirement that any person wishing to take the new Google Shopping advanced exam has already passed the Advertising Fundamentals exam first.
There are 63 multiple choice questions in the new Google Shopping Exam, and you will be given 90 minutes to complete the exam, which is more than enough time if you have thoroughly prepared. You will need to score 80% to pass the exam. As with all of the exams in the Partners platform, your final score will be presented to you upon answering the last question in the exam and will be given in both a percentage figure and a “you answered **/63 correctly” message too. If you pass the exam, it remains valid for 1 year. If you fail, you will need to wait seven days before you can retake the exam.

Preparing For The Exam
Google have launched a shopping exam study guide, which is crammed full of essential information that is featured in the exam. The exam is all about details and asks a lot of very in depth questions, so it’s essential to have thoroughly read the certification material as well as having some hands on experience with Google Merchant Center and its different tabs and functions, and AdWords Shopping campaigns too. Now, if all that certification center reading is enough to make you feel overwhelmed and sleepy, don’t panic! Help is at hand …

We’re delighted to be launching our New Shopping Advanced Certification exam study resource!

Team iPassexam have been very busy creating a new Shopping advanced study resource to aid exam candidates with preparation for the real Google Shopping exam. The resource offers 126 exam style questions, answers and explanations with certification center links to help you to benchmark your learning before jumping in with the real exam.

We are delighted to offer readers of our blog a 50% discount off a three month subscription (RRP £29.99) to our Shopping advanced exam study resource until 16th February 2015. Just use the code “Go Shopping” before going through the checkout to receive your discount.
However, if you buy the Google AdWords Certified Partner Study Bundle, then we’ve included the new shopping exam study resource at no extra cost.

Seasonal Study Tips!

3 Seasonal Study TipsAre you studying for an exam over the holiday period? It really doesn’t need to be painful, here are three tips to help keep you on track through the holiday season:

1.  “Food Coma” of “Hangover Head”

Lets face it, we all over indulge at some point over the festive period and we can all forgive ourselves for that but, its not a good combination when trying to study for an exam. Remembering that one or two hours of quality study when you feel rested and fresh is much better than numerous hours of half reading, yawning and repeat reading that page full of text and getting frustrated. Don’t schedule to study on a full belly and a foggy head, whether it’s caused by too much food or alcohol!

2.  Family visits/ children home from school for the holidays

We all love a house full of family and friends over the holidays, but that can bring extra noise and distraction when studying for an exam. Make sure that you give yourself a fair chance to concentrate by planning time aside in a quiet and well lit space. It doesn’t have to be your own home, it could be a local library or a coffee shop for example.

3.  It’s about learning, not torture!

So you have a study plan in place, but you got invited to spend a few hours at a party with your friends and you ended up coming home much later in the evening than you planned. Upon waking up the next morning, you decide to chain yourself to your laptop for eight hours straight as punishment for the missed time yesterday …

there’s really no use in punishing yourself, what’s done is done, and it is supposed to be the holidays after all. It is however important to be realistic and remember moving forward that you have a study plan, and that you implemented it in order to get prepared.

A **MUST WATCH** Presentation About The Search Advanced Exam

On the Wednesday 19th November, Google live streamed a Advanced Search exam refresher hangout, which was hosted by former Googler Fred Vallaeys. This hangout is **MUST WATCH** material,  as it is crammed with essential information that you should know if you are preparing to take the exams. Fred discusses many topics featured in questions on the exam, including questions that use math and formulas too (I hear so many candidates say they have a strong dislike those for types of questions!).

There were so many topics covered in the hangouts, here is a brief summary of what to expect when watching:

  • An explanation of manual and automated approaches to bidding, which includes the information you must know about Conversion Optimizer.
  • How to calculate key performance indicators, such as Profit Per Conversion and Customer Lifetime Value.
  • Location targeting, including how user location is determined, how Google Domain is considered and information about how targeting works when search queries include locations.
  • Information about other targeting options and the levels of the account to which various settings can be applied.
  • Information on Keyword match types, IP address exclusion, Dynamic search ads, Product listing ads and Advanced ad scheduling.
  • A thorough explanation of Dynamic keyword insertion.
  • A refresher on the ad policies you should be aware of.
  • The tools you must know key information about including: Ad preview and diagnosis tool, AdWords API, AdWords Editor and Change History tool.
  • An explanation of why Search Funnel reports are important, as well as a detailed explanation of invalid clicks, detection methods and click credits.
  • Information about what can be achieved with AdWords Campaign Experiments.
  • Terms used in the exam questions that you should be aware of.

The exam is full of questions about these topics, and you will be able to identify some of the scenarios used in this hangout as a base for the actual exam questions, so it’s really worth paying attention to all of the details.

Refresher Hangout: Search Advanced Exam


A FREE product – Introduction to AdWords

Intro to AdWordsTeam iPassExam have been very busy creating a new and FREE resource called Introduction to  AdWords’. We have designed this new product for individuals who are considering beginning the Google Partners certification exams journey and provides a taster of what to expect from the AdWords certification process.  We’ve pulled out all the stops on this new resource and it contains the following essential features:

An eBook – A guide to Achieving AdWords Certification
Our study guide provides helpful information on exam preparation as well as advice for taking the exam, and post exam tips too.

40+ Questions, With Full Answers, Explanations And Certification Center Links
you can reset your ‘Introduction to the AdWords’ questions and re-answer them as many times as you require.

A personalized learning plan that highlights your strengths and weaknesses
Upon answering all questions in ‘Introduction to AdWords’, our system analyses your answers and creates a personalized learning plan according to the strengths and weaknesses your answers demonstrated. The learning plan contains further reading as well as links to certification center help pages to help you to build your knowledge in these weaker areas. As you make progress and your score improves, your learning plan will adapt according until you are achieving top marks.

A Blueprint Of The Google Partners Certification Center Material
All page titles are linked directly to the certification center – no more drilling down and getting lost in pages! Our table contains links to all pages that should be studied for each exam. You can scroll the table and see which articles are applicable to multiple exams or view the table with a single exam selected, it’s up to you.

A Printable Certificate Of Achievement
Once you have answered all of the questions fully and received a passing grade of 85% you can download a certificate of achievement for all your efforts.

Come try out the new resource and let us know what you think?