How Can I Learn Google Analytics When I Don’t Have Access To A Functioning Google Analytics Account?

Easy! Back in August of 2016, Google Analytics released a demo account to help people learn and train on the Google Analytics application. The Demo Account is populated with real data from the e-commerce Google Merchandise Store and will include Google Analytics configurations that marketers typically set up in their own accounts, including Goals and Enhanced E-commerce. Users have Read & Analyze access to generate custom reports, alerts and annotations.

To model best practices in Google Analytics set up, Google has set up three views: a Master View, a Test View and a Raw Data View. The Master View or Main View is where you would actually look at the data for business reporting functions. The Test View is used for testing new treatments of data, filters, and special customizations, because you would not want any customizations to impact your business data until you were ready roll it out. In addition, the testing view can be used by your staging server, so you can monitor and QA your GA implementation before you roll out any platform changes. Finally, the raw data view just gives you a set of your raw data should anything happen.

It can be a helpful tool to use along with studying for your GAIQ exam via the iPassExam study course. To sign up for the demo account, you must have a Google account.

The demo account includes the following types of data:

  • Traffic source data including organic traffic, paid search traffic, display traffic, etc.
  • Content data which chronicles the actions of the user on the web site. It includes the URLs of pages that visitors look at, how they interact with content, etc.
  • Transactional data which includes transactions that occur on the Google Merchandise Store website.
    The account also has destination URL, time on site and smart goals set up.

Real-time Reporting

Real-time reporting is enabled in the demo account so you can see the Google Merchandise Store’s activity as it happens.

Enhanced ecommerce is also set up so you can see the shopping behavior and checkout behavior reports:

There are some reports that are not enabled. These are:

  • Audience>Custom>Custom Variables & User Defined Reports
  • Audience>Benchmarking>Channels, Location & Devices
  • Acquisition>Adwords>Display Targeting, Video Campaigns & Shopping
  • Acquisition>Social> Plugins
  • Behavior>Site Speed>User Timings
  • Obviously, the Publisher>Publisher Pages & Publisher Referrer Reports are not set up because this is profile was built on their ecommerce site which sells their merchandise.
  • Behavior>Experiments

The Master View also has some common filters set up like search and replace and Include Hostname. There are also some calculated metrics you can examine, which is also very helpful. There are some segments set up; annotations and shared assets.

The following is not set up in the view administration area:

  • Attribution Models
  • Custom Channel Groupings
  • Custom Alerts
  • Scheduled Emails
  • Shortcuts

Demo Property Set Up:

In the Tracking Info section the Sessions Settings, the User Id, Organic Search Sources and Search Term Exclusion are not set up. The demo property set up is linked to Adwords and Search Console and it is not linked to any other products like Adsense, Ad Exchange, BigQuery, Double Click Bid Manager, DoubleClick Campaign Manager, DoubleClick Search, Google Play and Postbacks. Obviously, permissions are not set up for you to access the Audience Definitions area but they do have some custom dimensions set up and a data import feed.

Tips on using the Demo Account with the iPassExam Google Analytics studying resource:

  • Keep the demo account open when you are working through the test prep questions.
  • Try to answer the question yourself first because you will only have 90 minutes for the test when you take it, so you want try to answer the question without having to look at the demo account or any other resource.
  • While it’s great to help you answer questions about the reporting interface, the Google’s help and developer documentation will be the best place to get all the detail you need on all the in-depth topics like configuration, cookies and other areas.


Keep in mind, the demo account has some limitations. You must have a Google account to sign up for the demo GA account. The demo account cannot be used with the Google reporting API. The link to sign up for the demo account is located in the Google help file on the demo account.

Your iPassExam GA prep course and access to the Google Analytics demo account should give you everything you need to ace that exam! Happy studying!

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