Essential Watching – The Google Mobile Exam Hangout

On the Friday 14th August, Google live streamed a Mobile exam refresher hangout, which was hosted by former Googler Fred Vallaeys. If you are planning to take the Mobile exam soon, then this hangout is essential watching, as it is packed full of information that you should know before jumping in. Fred discusses many topics featured in questions on the exam and there’s also a Q & A session after the presentation with helpful hints and clarification on some key points.

There were so many topics covered in the hangout, here is a brief summary of what to expect when watching:

  • An explanation of behaviors when using smart phones and mobile devices vs desktop.
  • The importance of giving users a good mobile experience and how that can be achieved through mobile site design.
  • What can be achieved through apps, including how to monetise apps and boost app engagement.
  • The advertising channels where your AdWords ads can appear, including Search, Display, YouTube and AdMob.
  • What can be achieved through the use of mobile ads, and an explanation of ad extensions that can be used including location, app, sitelink and call only extensions.
  • An explanation of the ad types that can be used to promote apps, including app install ads, app engagement ads etc.
  • Information about the ‘lightbox’ ad format and how it works depending on whether it is viewed on mobile or desktop.
  • Information about video ad formats including TrueView ad formats and the mobile video masthead.
  • Deep links, including an explanation of the different types of deep links available and what can be achieved.
  • Targeting methods, including remarketing from your apps.
  • Information about bidding strategies, including automatic bidding, flexible bid strategies and conversion optimizer.
  • Mobile bid adjustments and how to calculate a mobile bid modifier.
  • Information about measuring the effectiveness of a mobile campaign, including different conversion types.
  • Google analytics set up and requirements.
  • App analytic reports including the mobile app overwiew report and the mobile app behaviour report etc.
  • In app conversion tracking methods including SDK, Codeless, server to server and Install feedback.
  • An explanation and benefits of upgraded URL’s.
  • Counting calls as conversions, including the use of Google forwarding numbers and feature availability.
  • Terms used in the exam questions that you should be aware of, eg ‘showrooming’, ‘SDK’, ‘touch targets’, ‘auto exclusions’, ‘viewable impressions’ etc .

The exam is crammed full of questions about these topics, and you will be able to identify some of the scenarios used in this hangout as a base for the actual exam questions, so it’s really worth paying attention to all of the details.

Refresher Hangout: Mobile Advanced Exam


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