Big Changes for AdWords Partners Exam!

exam-graphicI’ve just taken (and passed) the Advertising Fundamentals exam using the new Google Partners test taking interface.  I’m aware that there has been anxiety amongst many candidates who have been busy studying to take the exam.  I’m pleased to tell you that whilst there have been no major changes to the exam content or topics, there have been changes to the format and functionality.

Here’s what you need to know:

The Number of questions has changed

The new Advertising Fundamentals exam contains 90 questions. Previously this was 110, with a time limit of two hours. Because the time limit hasn’t changed, the reduced number of questions gives candidates a little bit more thinking time when it comes to answering any tricky questions.

There is no locked browser

AdWords exam veterans will know that until recently, exam candidates were prompted to download a program that locks your browser. No other pages could be accessed to search for answers during the exam, until now!  This means you can Google information should you be uncertain on an answer.  Previously you were forced to use a tablet or second computer to do this.  So this change should not make any realistic difference.  It’s worth noting that open book exams sound great until you notice the timer ticking.  It’s surprising how long researching can take so it’s best not to rely too heavily on the fact that you have this option.

No Skip or Review

Previously, exam candidates were given the option to mark and skip questions that were challenging, with a view of navigating back to them from a drop down menu before the end of the exam.   Being able to utilize that slack time at the end of the exam to review difficult questions was always really useful.  This function has been removed so now you need to get it correct the first time.  This makes the exam harder as previously the answer to a question could be given in questions further into the test.

A candidate is now presented with the question and options, and upon choosing the correct option a button appears ‘Confirm answer’. Once you have clicked that button, you automatically move on to the next question, you cannot change any of your answers at this point, there is no going back!

Exam Validity

The Advertising Fundamentals exam’s  validity is two years.

Passing Score

The passing score remains the same; you must achieve at least 85% to pass this exam


So is the exam easier or harder?

Well the lower question count makes it easier but not being able to utilize review time to research tough questions makes it harder.

Having an unlocked browser in practical terms doesn’t really change anything, because we were all using a second device to do this any way.

Having to resit the exam every year doesn’t make the exam easier or harder, but it does make it more difficult to maintain your certified status.

So the answer is 6 of one half a dozen of the other 😉  If you want to be Adwords Certified preparation is still the key. Use the Certification center, use a test preparation service such as our iPassExam, and most importantly make sure you have hands on experience with the Adword interface.  After all there’s no substitute for real world experience.

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Helen Brown

Helen is the Resource Editor and PPC E-Learning Community Manager at iPassExam.

  • Lots of changes in New Partner as compare to paid exam. I found some more details at Hope it will help more.

    • Thanks for sharing, Hiren!

      • Welcome,hope in future we will get certificate from free exam

        • Yes, its a shame that successful exam candidates can’t print a certificate anymore, I’ve seen quite a few comments about this across the forums. I personally liked having a certificate to display 🙂 but now it’s all on the Partners dashboard under ‘Certifications’ . I too share your hope that they will bring this aspect back within the new Partners platform.

  • Kelli Sullivan

    I’ve taken the fundamentals exam but its not showing up in my account. It still shows that “Not Yet Attempted”. Anyone else have t his problem?

    • Hi Kelli

      Congratulations on passing your exam!

      I’ve seen many comments across the AdWords community about this problem and I’ve also experienced it myself. Don’t worry, within 1-2 days your pass will be displayed within the Partners dashboard 🙂